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What did I learn?

I  learned that a tsunami is composed of waves that it is very dangerous because it can destroy entire cities. Also I  learned that the most tsunamies happen in the Pacific Ocean “RING  OF FIRE”.  The waves of a tsunami are called  Wave Train. Also,  I  learned that strange creatures exist in  the sea. My favorite fish is the Frilled Shark.  This fish was found in Japan and was transported to a marine park but it died  hours after  being caught.


The open house was perfect,  we did a lot of things.
we talked about the sharks
and the bottom of the sea.
I talked about the sharks´  teeth,  the sharks´  skin and how they have pups.
I loved it


I learned that in the sea, there are sea anemones, viper fish, fang tooth fish, wolfish, vampire squid and frilled shark.

I learned that the viper fish has  jagged teeth  that it can´t close its mouth and it lives  at the bottom of the sea.

I learned that the  wolfish can break mollusk and sea urchins with its teeth.




In the open house,  I learned many things from the ocean. I learned that sharks have a sixth sense called electrosense. They called ring of fire because there are volcanoes and they can cause tsunamies.  I learned  that the brains of sharks are smaller  than humans. I learned that the fish pacific viperfish can not close his mouth because he has very long teeth. I learned that sharks have scales called denticles


I talked  about the song and the video  of  the movie Jaws and  also about  the cartilage because they don’t have  bones like the people .

Also that like all animals the sharks need to breath, move and eat,  that they move easily because the cartilage that forms its  skeleton  is lighter than bone.


The Open House was very funny , I learned about Oceans, and strange creatures from the bottom of the sea such as pacific viper fish, vampire squid,  etc.
That the tsunamis are very destructive for the cities .  We also talk about the sharks, they are big fish and their teeth are triangular,  they do not  eat humans, but by accident they ate some.

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