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Pacific Viperfish has jagged needle like teeth so outside it can`t close its mouth.

Wolffish: these predators swim as deep as about 600 meters.

Vampire Squid: this specie gest its name from its dark, webbed arms, which can draw over itself like a cloak.

Fangtooth Fish: reach only about 16 meters, but their namesake teeth are the largest.

Frilled Shark: has many physical characteristics of ancestors who swam the seas in the time of dinosaurs.


What did I learn?

I  learned that a tsunami is composed of waves that it is very dangerous because it can destroy entire cities. Also I  learned that the most tsunamies happen in the Pacific Ocean “RING  OF FIRE”.  The waves of a tsunami are called  Wave Train. Also,  I  learned that strange creatures exist in  the sea. My favorite fish is the Frilled Shark.  This fish was found in Japan and was transported to a marine park but it died  hours after  being caught.


The open house was perfect,  we did a lot of things.
we talked about the sharks
and the bottom of the sea.
I talked about the sharks´  teeth,  the sharks´  skin and how they have pups.
I loved it


I learned that in the sea, there are sea anemones, viper fish, fang tooth fish, wolfish, vampire squid and frilled shark.

I learned that the viper fish has  jagged teeth  that it can´t close its mouth and it lives  at the bottom of the sea.

I learned that the  wolfish can break mollusk and sea urchins with its teeth.

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