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The sharks have a sensory system that can detect kind of electricity in a body.  It is called electro sense.

The  sharks   breath  through  gills  that take oxygen from  the  water

Sharks need  to  breath  move  and  eat. They  move  very  easily through water  because  the  cartilage that  forms  its  skeleton    is

ligther  than  bone, the same that helps  it  to float


Sharks have triangular teeth which are different. Some are long and pointed and others are sharp with serrated edges for cutting.


  • Sharks leave the babies to take care for themselves in the sea when they are born.


  • Shark babies look like a miniature version of their parents.


  • Sharks are larger than humans.


  • Shark babies sometimes eat their sisters or brothers in in the womb of their mother.



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