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All life on the earth is connected to the ocean and its inhabitants, the more that you learn about this vital system the more you´ll want to help. From fishes to sharks, from whales to crabs and from octopuses to microscopic algae, marine wildlife contains the largest amount of life on the earth.

Water in nature is essential, our body is made of water; water occupies 3 quarters in its surface, the same quantity of our body . In oceans, we can find a lot of animals such as: fish, dolphins starfish etc. We can also find a lot of plant biodiversity with amazing colors and beauty. Humans waste water in many ways. We should take care of this important resource.


Scientists have discovered that there is more water on another planet “Mars”. It has an innumerable amount of water, the scientists do not know how but they do know that Mars has water in the polar caps. It is said that where there is water, there is life.

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