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Natural Environment: The natural environment is everything that surrounds us; it involves the living things and the non living things.

Lately, we have seen that our environment is in constant danger, there are many animals in extinction, the water and the air are polluted, and the ozone layer is getting damaged. All this caused by the human being.

Our responsibility is to know about our planet and how to take care of it. On this  blog, you are going to find information about the earth and the water, the same that will help everybody to be conscious that we have to respect our nature, our home.


Living Things: The living things are all the ones that can breath, grow, reproduce and die, so living things obey a life circle. The group of Living things involves the humans, the animals and the plants.































Non Living Things: The non living things, on the opposite of the living things do not obey the life cycle such as: the rocks, toys or machines.
















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