Gutenberg Schule

I am Silvia Donoso, English Teacher in Gutenberg Schule located in Quito-Ecuador. I teach students from 4th. and 5th. grade.  My students can speak and understand English well, as a matter of fact our school has a good level in English, and  since two years ago,  we have been participating in different international projects with very good results.  In December we participated in an International Project promoted by Iearn called “Christmas Cards Exchange”.

We had the pleasure to make christmas cards that went to students in schools from different countries like: U.S.A, Canada, Russia, Argentina and Taiwan.  After some time, we received the cards made by the kids from these schools.

The experience was really fantastic and we felt that it was the real meaning of Christmas, to have the most sensitive words from a human being printed on a card, wishing for the most beautiful blessings and hoping for our well being.


In the front: Felipe Salazar.

First row from the left to the right: Milena Kornfeind, Matías Copo, Doménica Bustillos, Doménica Jaramillo, Valentina Marcillo and Juliana Moreno.

Second row from the left to the right: Camila Ríos, Paloma Trujillo, Mateo Palacios, Natalia Becerra, Nicolás Velasco, Doménica Espinoza and Isaac Molina.

At the back: Silvia Donoso


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  1. Sasha Montero C.
    noviembre 18th, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Many thanks for all you effort and dedication, we can see it.

    Thanks again.

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