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Posted on 26 Feb 2012 In: Carnival

Carnival in Ecuador

In Ecuador,  the carnival is a very important holiday.  Everybody really loves it! In all the cities, there are different kind of celebrations, for example: Ambato: This city is recognized for all its fruits and flowers, so during the parade, people throw flowers and dance all the way. Guaranda: The carnival in this place is […]

Posted on 14 Ene 2012 In: Carnival

Cards models

You will see here the models that we created to send to different countries where they can know our skills. “The Christmas Penguin”   “Santa Claus”   “Gingerbread Man”   “The Snowman”   “The Christmas Tree”   “Santa Claus”   ” The Envelope”   ” Moons and Stars”   “The Christmas Tree”       […]